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World famous surgery addict Pixee Fox and her new best pal Justin Jedlica have undergone more than 450 procedures between them, turning them into the real life Barbie and Ken!

Pixiee has had six ribs removed, liposuction on her thighs, her eye colour changed, eyelash transplants, three nose surgeries, lip fillers, four breast surgeries and a Brazilian butt lift – all coming to a whopping $148,000!


But that seems somewhat miniscule compared to the eye-watering $360,000 Justin has spent on his procedures. So far he has transformed his body with shoulder surgery, chest implants, three bicep surgeries, cheek implants, five nose surgeries and buttock implants.

Although the pair are not romantically attached to each other, both of their love lives have suffered in their pursuit of having the perfect bodies. Pixee has been single for a while, whilst Justin is sadly in the process of finalising his divorce to his husband of three years.

They’re both keen to admit that although they meet plenty of people who find them attractive, not many are willing to share their chosen lifestyle – making it difficult to settle down.


When the pair took a stroll down the Las Vegas strip, they certainly turned more than a few heads – and were met with plenty of very different reactions!

Some people were very accepting – admiring that Pixee and Justin had the confidence to be who they want to be, whereas others felt their lifestyle was extremely unhealthy and unnatural.

But whatever anyone thinks, we reckon that these two aren’t going to change any time soon. Especially as they couldn’t be prouder of their newfound ‘plastic love!’