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Guy Mallinson, 51, has finally achieved his childhood dream by creating his very own tree house!

And it’s not just any tree house! The fun starts as you cross the rope bridge, venture through the submarine style compression chamber – and continues once you enter.


This luxury tree top paradise boasts a shower, hot tub and sauna on the outside, and plenty of fun features indoors including a window in the floor that allows you to look down at the stream running below.


And the best part? It’s available to hire! Owner Guy hopes that the tree house will appeal to those that want to let it all hang out and take advantage of the privacy of this secluded spot of forest.


‘Yeah they’re showering outside with no clothes on, obviously they’re in the hot tub with no clothes on, so it’s nice that they can feel comfortable being naked in the woods, in the outside. No one’s going to see them because they’re in the middle of nowhere.’

The project hasn’t been easy – it took Guy and his team of 20 makers (including his 3 children!) 5 months to build – and it wasn’t cheap either!


‘The total budget for the tree house was £150,000. Right at this moment in time I’m not really thinking about more tree houses – I’ve just finished this one! But I have to say it’s gone really well, bookings are going incredibly well. I’d be very surprised if I don’t build another one at some point.’

Well if the first one is this amazing – we can’t wait to see what the next one looks like!