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He might be just 18 years old but Broc Brown has reached the record-breaking height of 7ft 8in – and he’s still growing!

His excessive height is down to a rare condition called Sotos Syndrome, which only affects 1 in every 15,000 people.


Mum Darci explains, ‘I’d say Broc was about 5ft 2 when he was in kindergarten. Around middle school he was around 6ft tall and then for high school he was 7ft.’

‘It’s a genetic disorder and there’s nothing that can stop him from growing, and I don’t know that he will ever stop.’

‘Most men will stop growing at age 22. Broc is 18. The tallest man in the world is 8ft 1in I believe. He could be the tallest man in the world eventually.’

Because of his excessive height, Broc struggles to find items that fit and has to have his shoes specially made – and even extra large furniture to accommodate his frame. He also suffers from chronic back pain, which leaves him almost unable to move.


And it’s not just the physical side of his health that is a problem, as Darci explains Broc sadly also suffers from a variety of other disorders:

‘He has ADHD, ODD which is oppositional defiant disorder and intermediate explosive disorder. It could be very dangerous if he wasn’t on medications and able to, you know, be calmed. He’s big loveable, he’s like a big teddy bear.’


Heartbreakingly, Broc was given an early death prognosis when he was a teenager. But recent doctors believe that he could live well into adulthood. And Broc is determined to make the most of his future.


‘I hopefully wanna work for a sporting goods store, something like a cashier or something.’
And all mum Darci wants for her son is for him to have a good and happy life.

Good luck Broc – we think you’ve got a big and bright future ahead of you!