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Who says a leopard can’t change its spots?! As our incredible footage from South Africa’s Kruger National Park shows, sometimes nature can surprise you.

After all, big cats are meant to be pitiless predators who are always game for eating tasty-looking little morsels like this baby impala. But what should have been a straightforward example of the law of the jungle turned into an unlikely love-in.

First the impala sniffs out his new buddy, before being snarled at, but unperturbed our fearless furry friend won’t walk away from making a new pal.

Won over by the little upstart’s bravery, the leopard tolerates the impala as it nuzzles the big cat’s neck, just inches away from its razor-sharp gnashers.

Let us prey that the friendliness extended to when the odd couple disappeared from the camera’s gaze!

Looks like this baby impala's in a spot of bother...

Looks like this baby impala’s in a spot of bother…

Nuzzle in the jungle

…Until it decides to have a nuzzle in the jungle…

Turning the other cheek

…And the leopard turns the other cheek

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