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An adorable ‘Goldendoodle’ would be at home on the catwalk – as it dresses up in an array of human outfits.

Stylish pooch Oliver, a poodle and Golden Retriever cross, has more than 52,000 Instagram followers.

Oliver as Fozzie Bear with a certain green frog friend

Oliver as Fozzie Bear with a certain green frog friend

And as well as his fashion forward ensembles, Oliver also has some fun with fancy dress.

The pooch has posed with Kermit the Frog as Muppet character Fozzie Bear, and wore a fake snout when he transformed into 80s sitcom star Alf the alien.

He’s also appeared as the marmalade-loving Paddington Bear.

However, it’s not just the popular culture references that have helped Oliver to gather his legion of adoring followers.

The social media sensation has been photographed eating pizza whilst dressed in pyjamas, and wearing a suit and tie while attending a wedding.

He’s also been known to laze around on the sofa in his hoodie.

That special day just got a bit more special!

That special day just got a bit more special!

The two-and-a-half-year-old canine belongs to loving owner Breanna Wright, who lives in the Great Smoky Mountains in Bryson City, North Carolina.

Breanna, 26, set up the Instagram account to avoid bombarding her friends with photos of her golden boy.

‘Oliver’s most favourite things are food and people,’ says Breanna.

‘He is the sweetest dog. He will climb all the way into your lap just to cuddle and he literally gives hugs. He’s very smart and funny and overall just a really happy guy.

‘When we got Oliver as a puppy, I opened up a personal Instagram account as a place to share my photos of him without bombarding my Facebook friends,’ she continues.

‘Strangers kept following my account and I thought it was a little bit strange but also cool, because I knew it meant they were enjoying my pictures of Oliver.

‘He kept getting more and more followers and I eventually changed the name of the account to what it is now.

‘I can’t pinpoint when or how I got the idea to start dressing him up, but it just happened slowly over time,’ explains Breanna.

‘He enjoyed it, he looked cute, and people loved it.’

Oliver has been known to wear a Hawaiian shirt, and has even put on a pink snout and ears to look like a pig.

Alf the alien – or is it?

Alf the alien – or is it?

Breanna now plans to utilise the dog’s cuteness, by training him to become a certified therapy dog.

‘When I got Oliver as a puppy, that was my dream for him, because I knew his gentle, cuddly nature and teddy bear like appearance would bring so many smiles,’ she says.

‘Well, life moves fast and we still haven’t completed all of the training for him to become a therapy dog, but I always joke that he is already a social media therapy dog.

‘I have received numerous comments and emails from people who say that Oliver has helped them through hard times, and it’s still so amazing and heartwarming to hear each and every time.’