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Pixel could very well be the shortest cat in the world. Though she measures in at only 5in tall from her paws to her shoulders, her owner insists that her personality is massive.

Tiffani Kjeldergaard breeds miniature moggys, commonly known as ‘Munchkin Cats’, from her ranch in Potrero, California. Claiming that even people who don’t usually like cats have testified to their cuteness, Tiffani reckons that her mini cats can ‘win hearts over like crazy’.

Pixel is the smallest member of her feline family, and of course needs constant attention for her own safety. At Tiffani’s ranch everyone walks slowly with the utmost caution, so that no kitten gets accidentally kicked or stepped on.

‘You can’t leave doors open, you can’t close refrigerators too quickly because somebody might have snuck up in the bottom of the door and stuck their head in there,’ explains Tiffani.

The munchkins are quite a controversial breed amongst animal lovers. Some see the gene that makes them so tiny as a defect or as a mutation. Tiffani has even heard it referred to as an abomination!

But Tiffani won’t be swayed. ‘It’s very unfair for them to say that,’ she insists as she lovingly plays with Pixel.

The record for the world’s smallest cat is currently held by Pixel’s mum, Fizz Girl. Awarded in 2012, Fizz Girl stood at 6in, a whole inch above her diminutive daughter.

Having sent Pixel’s measurements off to Guinness, Tiffani is confident that Pixel will keep the title in the family.


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