33-year-old Adam Malski was lucky enough to have his camera ready while present at a rare struggle between a pair of monstrous sharks.

London-born Adam was sailing around the Neptune Islands, South Australia, and took a diving trip to learn more about the beautiful but terrifying Great White sharks.

Fifty miles out to sea, Adam observed the ocean’s deadliest predators from the safety of a large cage. At the time he thought the sharks looked more inquisitive than aggressive.

Once he was back on the boat, he noticed a two-and-a-half metre long Great White swim up to the bait that the skipper had lowered into the water.

Out of nowhere, a shark vs shark battle ensued when a shark twice the size of the first launched itself at lightning speed in the direction of the bait.


Known to the locals as Gilbert, this huge beast quickly sunk its gigantic teeth into the other shark, kicking off a violent brawl in which the terrors of the ocean frantically thrashed each other around while Adam filmed the whole thing.

Adam and his fellow on-lookers are unsure as to whether Gilbert meant to attack the smaller shark, or if he was just going for the bait and overshot until they collided.

Either way, it’s a rare and incredible moment in nature to have caught on camera.

Gilbert has recently been spotted swimming around the Neptune Island, while the other shark hasn’t been seen since.


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