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American wildlife photographer Jon Cornforth came away from his recent trip to the South Pacific with some breathtaking images of a rookery of majestic penguins.

The Salisbury Plain is a huge breeding ground located on the north coast of South Georgia island, and is home to around 500,000 pairs of king penguins.

Luckily for Jon, the beautiful birds were very friendly, and didn’t seem bothered by his presence.


‘I was able to go out there and basically have the penguins surround me,’ he explains. ‘They came very close once I sat still.’

The fluffy brown juveniles, or chicks, appeared to be very excited when they saw Jon, possibly under the impression that he came bearing fish for them to eat. When they learned that there were in fact no fish, the perfectly cute penguins took to trying to eat the camera!

Jon’s stroke of genius came when he set up a mini camera on a tripod. The close-up shots of the magnificent birds from this angle were spell-binding.

Pleased with his work, Jon told the camera crew, ‘It was an amazing adventure.’


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