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When Jessica Manning found 2-month-old kitten Sophie abandoned in a gas station restroom she had no idea just how big a character this tiny kitty was.

Deciding to adopt her new furry friend, Jessica adopted little Sophie and brought her back to her home in British Columbia, Canada.

After she met Jessica’s 3-year-old doberman Bishop, Sophie began to display an unexpected talent while her new owner caught the whole thing on camera.

While Bishop lay dozing, Sophie silently snuck up to deliver a few tentative bonks to his nose with her tiny paws to get his attention.


A slight turn of Bishop’s head and like lightning Sophie was on her hind legs waving her little arms in the air in what might just be the cutest exhibition of kung fu skills ever seen by human eyes.

On a roll, ‘Ninja’ kitten Sophie continued to bash a bemused Bishop while allowing a tiny retreat after each blow, floating like a butterfly and stinging like Jackie Chan.

Bishop didn’t seem to mind though, letting out a huge yawn to show his adorable attacker his indifference. But Sophie continued to take a little jump back every time the doberman moved even slightly, clearly aware of the David and Goliath situation she’d gotten herself into.

Jessica is confident that after their hilarious introduction, Sophie and Bishop will become best mates.


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