When animals attack 27 videos

During a trip to the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya, Jerome Guillaumot caught something truly fascinating. Maybe even something a little adorable.

Professional photographer Jerome stumbled across a mongoose surrounded by four fearsome lions, a situation that you’d think would have an obvious outcome.

In a bizarre turn of events, the plucky mongoose started running around manically while screaming at the predators.

Even the lions were caught off-guard. Stunned, they began to edge back with uncertainty. With every screech the little mongoose advanced towards its would-be tormentors, intimidating them through sheer noisiness.

One lion got brave and gave its prey a bash over the head with its large paw, but the mongoose barely registered the blow and continued to edge forwards menacingly. It even dared to physically attack the mighty monarch of the jungle, launching itself at one lion’s face at lightning speed.

The surprise managed to buy the mongoose enough time to make a break for it, but the befuddled lions weren’t ready to give up just yet, and chased after the loud little lout.

Their pursuit proved unsuccessful, as the mongoose threw itself into the safety of a nearby hole in the ground.

The lions gathered around the hole in frustration, having let their prey slip through their fingers.

But the fearless mongoose clearly enjoyed the taste of power, and emerged from the hole for one more round.

As the brave little mongoose continued to scream and shout, the stunned lions once again felt their nerves shake and backed away.

Though they’re known for taking on venomous cobras without fear, this is the first time a mongoose has been filmed fending off predators as big and fierce as lions.


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