The Kruger National Park in South Africa is no stranger to the natural world’s most breath-taking moments. As seen in this video, the animals have once again surprised a group of enthralled onlookers in the right place at the right time.

One unfortunate buffalo found its early morning wander interrupted by the realisation that it was being followed by a fierce, hungry lion. For 45 minutes the predator stalked the defenceless buffalo with sinister grace.

The lion finally pounced on her prey and after a ferocious struggle, brought the poor buffalo down to the ground. As the tourists looked on, the lion closed in to make her kill.

But help was soon on the way. Another buffalo had noticed a friend in a spot of trouble, and went straight in to break it up.

The buffalo charged with immense speed and power towards the lion. Using its mighty horns, the heroic buffalo caught the lion by her hind legs and flipped her 5m in the air!

Upon hitting the ground the predator had no time to recover at all, as the buffalo had once again picked her up with its huge head. This time the triumphant beast threw the flying lion right into some nearby bushes.

At this point the would-be huntress had clearly lost her nerve, and retreated back into the wilderness, hoping for easier prey next time. Amazingly enough, all of the animals involved walked away without serious injuries.

The incredible rescue was captured on film by 52-year-old Ian Matheson and his teenage son Oliver.


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