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The enormous King Leo was abandoned by his original owners and left at the side of a road in Nashville, Tennessee. Luckily he was rescued by Metro Animal Care and Control, who were amazed by his size.

The Maine Coon Mix was sent to Cat Shoppe Rescue to receive care. His abundant fur was filthy and severely matted, so the staff at Animalia Animal Hospital decided that it had to go. Over 2lb of fat cat Leo’s fur was shaved off, leaving some at the tip of his tail so he could live up to his name.

Veterinary technician LaTisha Lampley, 34, said that he sat still throughout the entire process and never once resisted. ‘It’s like he knew he was getting relief,’ says LaTisha.

While caring for him, LaTisha fell in love with the 10-year-old King Leo and decided to adopt him as her own.

The massive moggy had finally found a home and a loving family, but at a whopping 23lb was still obese.

‘He is the biggest cat of his size frame with that much weight on him that I’ve seen,’ admitted his new mum, so she decided to help him shift some of his many pounds.

LaTisha takes Leo to Animalia for special water treadmill treatment, which he impressively took to straight away. In addition, his calorie intake is regularly monitored, and he gets plenty of exercise.

And playtime of course!