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This unfortunate cute raccoon fell into just one of the many dangers that face wild animals in urban settings.

The adult male was discovered by the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter with his head completely stuck in a hole on a drain cover. Though they gave their best efforts, they were unable to free the little guy.

They were left with no choice but to contact the Wildlife Emergency Services. Once arriving to collect him, it was clear to the servicemen that the raccoon had become understandably agitated and would certainly not come quietly.

Obviously not understanding their intentions and possibly feeling vulnerable to attack, the raccoon snarled and growled at his would-be helpers in an attempt to menace them into leaving him be. After a short struggle the Wildlife Services were able to sedate him in order to work more effectively on getting him out of his predicament.

The raccoon’s head was so firmly stuck in the hole that the only way to free him was to cut him out. Using electric saw blades, they spent the next 30 minutes going to work on the metal imprisoning the animal.

Once he was free he was examined by Dr Chad Albis, who determined that the raccoon had suffered no serious or problematic injuries. While the sedative wore off, a topical healing antibiotic spray was applied to his sore neck wounds before he was placed in a pet carrier.

The little raccoon was given fruit and water to help him recover, and was released later that evening once he had fully recuperated.


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