Animal BFFs 21 videos

At Melissa Susko’s PIGS Animal Sanctuary in West Virginia, an unlikely friendship has blossomed. A 3-week-old cute piglet named Pigalina arrived at the farm having been rejected by her litter, and quickly found solace with another animal soul.

Rescue dog Levi the pit bull terrier was also abandoned by his owners before finding a safe new home at Melissa’s farm. It would appear that these two found themselves to be kindred spirits, bonding through their experiences of abandonment.

The pair are now the best of friends… not that Levi had any choice in the matter!

Pigalina was fascinated by 4-year-old Levi, and claimed him as her best mate while he tried to have a nap. Sniffing at his collar, climbing over his back and sweetly pecking his face, the pint-size piglet demanded Levi’s full attention by gently nudging him awake with her snout every time he dozed off.

Despite playing it cool, Levi clearly relishes the affection, welcoming it with barely open eyes.

Melissa, who filmed the adorable interaction, says that pigs ‘are gentle, smart, sensitive beings’, and wishes that more people realised how wonderful they actually are.

‘They are no different than puppies and kittens and other animals that people accept as part of the family,’ explains Melissa.

With the relationship between Levi and Pigalina as proof, Melissa certainly seems to be right!


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