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The island of Cuverville is a dark, rocky corner of north west Antarctica and is home to the largest colony of breeding gentoo penguins on the continent.

It is believed that around 6,500 pairs of the charismatic penguins currently reside on the rocky little island. These birds usually eat krill and occasionally the odd fish, but one plucky little penguin fancied a change in the menu.

The cute penguin marched right up to a GoPro camera hidden in the ice and decided to challenge it to duel. The plucky fella tried his best to conquer his potential meal by using his beak to bite and nibble the camera into submission.


Although the battle seemed to be going in his favour from the outset, the little chap was unable to secure a victory this time around. As soon as he realised he couldn’t get the better of his optical opponent he waddled off, returning to his traditional dinner with his tuxedo-clad colleagues.

Sometimes it’s important to know when you’ve been beaten.

Thankfully the camera didn’t take it personally, and was a good enough sport to provide the footage.