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Professional wildlife photographer Will Burrard Lucas got much more than he bargained for on his recent visit to the Botswana wilderness.

Will spent six days in the Makgadikgadi Pan, a gigantic salt flat in the north east region of Botswana, taking photos of his favourite critters: meerkats.

The family of meerkats he followed had just welcomed some new adorable additions, and both the parents and the kids quickly got used to Will being around. In fact, so used to him they decided that if he was going to hang around he was going to make himself useful!

While the cute meerkat babies were fascinated with Will’s camera, immediately falling in love with what they considered to be their new toy, the parents made use of the photographer himself.

As the kids clambered and jumped all over the camera, the parents were standing over their new family by keeping an eye out for distant predators, using Will as a lookout post!

Will laughed as the meerkats used his head, shoulders and even his camera lens as a means of scanning the horizons for potential threats and dangers.

‘When you’re the size of a meerkat in Africa, you’ll find that a lot of things want to eat you,’ explains Will with a grin. Its difficult for the tiny mammals to see over the long grass, so they look to their environment for help. In this case, they used humans!


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