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A pack of wild dogs were caught off-guard when they were faced with an uninvited dinner guest, who took more than his fair share of the meal!

The canine quartet had successfully hunted down and killed their prey – an impala antelope. Satisfied with their kill, they dragged the carcass to the bank of the Olifants River in South Africa. But before they could tuck in to their delicious prize, they were rudely interrupted.

A crocodile had been waiting in the shallow waters nearby, watching the ravenous dogs gleefully brandishing their catch on his turf. Once the reptile was content with the work put in by the pack, he made his move.

The hungry beast emerged from the river, marching straight up to the unsuspecting dogs with a sinister confidence. When the mutts looked up and saw what was approaching, they appeared to be stunned for a split second.


Sensing that the croc meant business, the surprised dogs nervously backed away.

A brief standoff ensued in this battle of croc v dogs, the predators staring each other down for a few short seconds before the scaly terror snapped up the dead antelope and marched right back into the river.

The dismayed dogs shuffled around in disbelief, as if to say to each other: ‘Did that really just happen?’

‘What now?’

‘Well I’m not going after him…’

While the triumphant crocodile enjoyed a nicely prepared free meal, the pack of dogs were begrudgingly forced to wander off in search of another kill.