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Crocodile Creek is a public croc farm opened in 1983 by Peter Watson and his wife Sheila. It’s home to around 7,000 crocodiles of many varieties, as well as snakes, tortoises and monkeys.

Recently one of these crocodiles took proceedings into more dangerous territory, when farm owner Peter attempted to coax one of the female reptiles away from her eggs towards another part of the enclosure with a stick.

But Mrs Crocodile had other ideas and a croc attack was imminent.

At the last minute the protective mother turned her body at lightning speed to face Peter, and launched her scaly 3m long body straight at him. Clamping down on his foot with her mighty jaws, she proceeded to violently shake her huge head from side to side until Peter fell to the ground with a heavy thud.


Explaining that the croc could have torn out his insides with terrifying ease, Peter’s survival instincts kicked in, as he desperately tried to protect his stomach and throat.

Fortunately the angry reptile was scared off by the other keepers before she could inflict any more damage, and thankfully Peter only lost one toenail.

‘I’m amazed my toe stayed on,’ he later admitted, and with a chuckle added that he didn’t get the reaction he expected from his wife…

‘Sheila was bloody annoyed! If you get bitten around here you get no sympathy!’


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