Opened in 1926, Kruger is South Africa’s first national park, and is one of the largest on the continent. It’s home to hundreds of birds, mammals and reptiles.

But one carload of tourists got a much closer look at the African wildlife than they’d bargained for on their recent visit. Their experience was captured on film by a group of South African girls also enjoying a day out at the park.

Driving along one of the nature trails, the onlookers were startled by a herd of impala antelope hurriedly leaping across the road and between the cars with a fearful gusto. It was soon clear that the antelope were being hunted by two fearsome and hungry cheetahs, and were fleeing for their lives.


The tourists were on edge enough when the ravenous cheetahs appeared on the road, in hot pursuit of their prey. But no one could’ve foreseen what would happen next.

Cornered by both of the spotted predators, one terrified impala was left with no choice but to dive head-first through the window of a Toyota SUV just feet in front of the girls’ car with a mighty crash.

Even the cheetahs appeared a little stunned for a moment.

The shocked and frightened passengers quickly opened the door, allowing the ballsy antelope to escape to its sweet freedom, while the rest of its herd had already scarpered into the wilderness.