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In the Australian outback, a crowd of shocked onlookers caught sight of a brutal fight to the death between two of Oz’s mightiest and most terrifying reptiles. A fearsome crocodile was locked in fierce conflict with a gigantic snake.

Author Tiffany Corlis captured the event on camera. She was having breakfast by Lake Moondara in Queensland when a group of canoeists noticed the skirmish. When they got close enough they saw the creatures struggling against each other in what would prove to be a fatal confrontation.

The crocodile was desperately trying to keep its head above the water as what is believed to be a python wrapped itself around the croc’s body and started to constrict. After five hours, the snake had won, having successfully squeezed the life from its defiant but defeated opponent.


The python, measuring roughly around 10 feet long, then dragged the scaly carcass back to the shore. Once there the snake opened its massive jaws and began to devour its prey face first as Tiffany and the canoeists watched in awe.

Within a mere 15 minutes, the menacing python had swallowed the unfortunate crocodile whole.

‘It was truly amazing,’ says Tiffany, ‘our kids were very excited to see this event unfold in front of them and not on the Nature channel.’


Which would you rather come face to face with, a snake or a croc?