Poor Pickles didn’t get the easiest start in life. He was abandoned by the side of the road by his original owners when he was just a little kitten.

Since then he’s proved to be quite the handful for other owners. So much so that he’s had to be re-homed twice because they couldn’t cope with him.

His luck finally changed when graphic designer Andrew Milicia and his girlfriend Emily Zervos arrived at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Boston. The couple fell in love with the Catasaurus Rex, and were astounded by his size, even though Pickles himself was totally unaware of it!

‘He really doesn’t know his size at all,’ laughs Emily, ‘He thinks he’s just like a little kitten still!’

So the 3-year-old feline finally found a happy home, as Andrew and Emily were chosen out of 50 applicants to adopt him.

Pickles is around 40in long, and weighs 21lb. ‘He’s probably bigger than a lot of small dogs,’ says Andrew, while Emily adds that picking him up is a real workout. Whereas most cats perch comfortably on the arm of a sofa, Pickles will happily stretch out and take up a whole section to himself.

His personality is no smaller than his body, as Emily explains that he’s quite the ladies man. Pickles loves to dance and cuddle with her on the sofa, but he’s still quite grumpy around other cats, and certainly doesn’t play well.

But Pickles has made himself right at home with his loving new family. Andrew and Emily can’t imagine life without him.

‘Pickles is part of our family,’ says Emily, ‘Hes our son and we love him.’


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