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Claire Stoneman, 38, brought her two Great Dane pups Freddy and Fleur to her Southend-On-Sea home at just 5 weeks old. As the runt of the litter, Freddy was dwarfed by his big sister. That is until he had a growth spurt of epic proportions!

Growing at around an inch a month according to Claire, Freddy was soon towering over Fleur, who was still pretty huge! Reaching a gigantic 7ft 4in on his hind legs, the formerly small Freddy is believed to be Britain’s biggest dog.

The current Guinness World Record holder Zeus also stood at 7ft 4in before he sadly passed away last year. But Freddy is only 18 months old, so he could still have more growing to do. It’s entirely possible that he could surpass the mighty Zeus for the world title!

‘If he became the world’s biggest dog it would be totally amazing!’ grins Claire, who guesses that she spends roughly £90 a week on Freddy’s food alone. The Great Dane can put away eight cans of dog food, 12lb of tripe, 12lb of minced chicken and four roast chickens per week.

But Claire admits that such a huge dog can be challenging at times. Freddy can drink from the kitchen tap and can even open the back door by himself. Plus 14 sofas have been written off since Freddy’s arrival.

However, Claire wouldn’t change anything for the world, explaining that she loves spending time with her dogs and spoiling them rotten as a mother would her children.

‘They’re my fur babies!’ laughs Claire, ‘They’re my life, my number one priority.’