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This sea turtle is a right little trooper!

Jose the sea turtle was left on the brink of death after having his skull and shell split open by a motorboat propeller.

Luckily, a local family walking along Torre García beach in Almería, Spain spotted him and contacted Equinac, a non-profit organisation that works to help sea turtles across the coastline.

Because of the severity of his injuries, the family initially thought poor Jose was dead – but luckily he was still breathing by the time the rescue team arrived.

As Jose’s injuries had left him unable to move or swim on his own, he was initially treated in Spain where vets stapled his skull back together and screwed metal bars into his shell to help it heal.

But because of limited resources at the Equinac centre, Jose was later moved to the Canary Islands to receive further care under the expert eye of vet Pascual Calabuig.


This was a long journey for any sea turtle to undertake, especially for one as poorly as Jose. Before setting off he was covered in special cream and wet towels to ensure that he was as comfortable as possible throughout the flight.

Once he arrived in Gran Canaria, Jose’s treatment began straight away.

Vet Pascual Calabuig started by removing all of the dead tissue from the crack in Jose’s shell to help the wound heal faster and reduce the risk of infection.

Although it may not look possible when looking at the wounds, with the right care and treatment vets are confident that Jose’s shell will one day completely re-grow and close over the wound.

Despite everything that he’s already been through, Jose still faces several more years of therapy before he has completely recovered. Hopefully, one day he will be strong enough to be able to be released back into the wild – we just hope he stays out of harms way this time!