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This sloth is lucky to be alive!

A group of local people in Sarapiqui, Costa Rica, intervened in the nick of time as they pulled the sloth from the jaws of three vicious dogs.

The savage attack left the sloth, which has now been named Tina, with her arm broken in two places and bite marks all over her body.

Although her injuries were serious, thankfully locals called the Toucan Rescue Ranch who arrived quickly to take the sloth to their centre for treatment.

Tina’s bite wounds were treated with strong antibiotics and daily cleaning and just days after the attack, she underwent orthopaedic surgery to fix the broken radius and ulna bones in her arm. The surgeon fitted external pins into the injured arm in order to help the bone heal.

As sloths spend most of their time upside down hanging from trees, it is crucial that they can use both of their arms. Without this surgery, it is unlikely that Tina would have been able to be released back into the wild.


Around 5-months after the operation, Tina had the pins removed from her arm and was finally able to start intensive rehabilitation in order to regain her strength.

At long last, on 24th March 2017 Tina was strong enough to be returned to her natural habitat.

Shortly before her release, she was fitted with a tracking collar, which will help Toucan Rescue Ranch’s dedicated volunteers to track her movement and progress.

But so far Tina seems to be embracing her new found freedom and headed straight for the treetops as soon as she was released.

Sloths face many dangers in the wild – ranging from being electrocuted by security fences to loss of habitat, making the work that Toucan Rescue Ranch do all the more important.

Leslie Howle and Jorge Murillo established the ranch in 2004 as a rescue centre for birds, before later transforming it into a centre for all wildlife after they rescued a baby sloth in 2007.

Watch the video above to see just how wonderful their work is when it comes to helping injured animals like Tina!