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Tiger Priya made an extremely lucky escape after being rescued from a tiger cub breeding and petting centre in Colarado.

The Big Cat Rescue centre in Tampa, Florida took in the majestic tiger when the breeding centre was shut down.

But worryingly, as soon as Priya arrived at the Big Cat Rescue, staff noticed she was in a lot of pain and discomfort.

As a result of this, vets made the decision to rush her in for emergency exploratory surgery. And once they began to examine Priya, they made a shocking discovery.

Priya was suffering from hydrometra, a condition that causes fluid to accumulate in the reproductive system. The poor tiger had a huge, 20lb infection in her uterine horns.


Heartbreakingly, vets believe that this excruciating condition was caused by the extreme over breeding that Priya was forced to experience in her previous home.

In the breeding centre, Priya was paired with a male tiger to breed cubs for customers to have their photos taken with.

In the wild, tiger cubs normally stay with their mothers for the first two years of their lives, meaning that female tigers will only give birth to a litter of cubs around every 3 years.

But sadly, at breeding centres like the one Priya lived in, the cubs are often taken away from their mums when they’re a few days or even just hours old.

According to the records from the centre, Priya gave birth to four litters of cubs between 2010 and 2011, which put a dangerous amount of strain on her body.

Thankfully vets were able to remove the infected area of Priya’s reproductive system during the operation, but her recovery was slow as the infection was resistant to a number of the antibiotics.

Now, vets are hopeful that Priya will make a full recovery, and that her ordeal will help show the world just how cruel breeding centres can be.