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This pampered piggy is living a life of luxury!

Ultra-glamorous porker Blue lives with her owner, 25-year-old Jahaira Zamora, in Florida. And she’s much more comfortable dripping in jewellery than living on a farm!

Jahira explains, ‘the first time I dressed Blue up was Christmas. I just put cute Christmas pyjamas on her and she’s just so cute so just I continued to put little bows in her hair and things like that.’

Vegetarian and animal-lover Jahira always wanted a pet pig, but she only realised just how intelligent they were after giving Blue.

She says, ‘Blue can do many simple tricks such as sit, bow, jump but she can do more complex things like shut doors for me and point out the colours red and green.’

When Blue isn’t being pampered by her doting owner, she spends her days cheering up the sick and elderly at a local nursing home – and she never fails to put a smile on the patient’s faces!


Jahira says, ‘a couple of months ago I came across the opportunity of registering Blue as a therapy pet and immediately I just thought she would be a great fit because she’s so loving and sweet and loves meeting new people.’

‘The most common phrase is ‘you just made our day’ and that makes me so happy because that’s what we’re there for.’

And it’s not just the nursing home residents that have fallen for Blue’s charms!

Jahira explains, ‘Blue has had amazing impact on so many people. Just in our circle of friends she has impacted some of them so much that they have decided to cut out pork completely from their diets. They’ve seen how intelligent she is and cannot fathom eating an animal that is that smart. And that alone is amazing.’

Jahira is clearly smitten with Blue, and is always quick to rave about the benefits of having a porky pet!

‘Pigs make amazing pets because they’re extremely clean – which most people don’t think they are – they’re so smart, so cuddly, so loving. They just make the best companions.’

Keep up the good work, Blue!