Californian Randy Miller easily has one of the scariest and most dangerous jobs in the world.

As a professional animal trainer in Hollywood, he spends his days grappling and wrestling with beautiful but terrifying tigers.

Unleashed from a cage, the 400lb predators launch themselves at Randy in a mock animal attack-style scene. But while it may look like game over, Randy is totally in control as the tigers always know when to stop.

His skills have established him as one the most accomplished animal trainers in the movie business, and he even earned a Top Stunt award for his work on Russell Crowe’s 2000 blockbuster Gladiator.

Randy also has credits from huge Hollywood hits like Transformers 2 and The Last Samurai

But the dangers are very real. His life-threatening line of work leaves Randy with a fair share of cuts and bruises.

‘If they become serious, one bite could kill you,’ explains Randy as he stands beside a massive, majestic predator.

Whilst filming a scene for Gladiator, he was a victim of a tiger attack. A tiger tore straight through his thick leather costume and started dragging Randy off of the set, but he wasn’t put off.

‘I never took it personal,’ he says.

He has performed the animal attack stunt hundreds of times, and despite a few teeth marks here and there Randy insists this is a perfectly safe job for him.

He warns that even though the tigers may look affectionate and sweet, they could seriously hurt and more likely kill. He stays alive because of the deep, unique bond he shares with the animals he raised, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

‘It’s really how I want to spend my life,’ admits Randy.


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