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She might behave like a little monkey most of the time, but this unusual pet is in fact a kinkajou.

Stella, who lives with her doting owners Justin and Samantha Powell in Florida, USA, is a rainforest mammal native to Central and South America.

And although this exotic creature might not be an obvious choice for a pet, Justin and Samantha just couldn’t resist!

The couple welcomed Stella into their family 2-and-a-half years ago, after buying her from a specialist breeder when she was just 3 weeks old.

Justin explains, ‘Kinkajou’s are rainforest mammals. A lot of people when they see them think they’re related maybe to a monkey or a lemur or something like that but they’re really more closely related to raccoons.’

‘It’s not like owning a dog or a cat. She is somewhat high maintenance so there’s a lot of things to think about.’


‘She’s very rambunctious and energetic – we call her ‘her royal highness.’’

‘She can get pretty mischievous and get into things, she likes to play fight sometimes, likes to wrestle, climb things – she’s quite a handful!’

Since owning Stella, the Powell family has learnt quickly that training a kinkajou is very, very different from training a regular pet!

Justin jokes, ‘what training? Kinkajou’s don’t train very well. It’s more of a scenario of letting her do what she wants.’

When she’s not running riot around the Powell’s home, cheeky Stella spends her time munching on a completely fruit based diet – especially her favourite, bananas!

But despite her energetic personality, Justin and Samantha can’t imagine life without their very special pet.

Justin admits, ‘she’s definitely one of the family. She knows Samantha and I as her parents and our son is definitely a little brother to her – they can annoy each other sometimes!’

Watch the video above to see Stella in action!