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Wroclaw Zoo in Poland has welcomed a very, very special new arrival!

Teeny male armadillo pup Spock rolled into the world on 9th May 2017, but sadly this cutie was rejected by it’s mum Hermiona.

Shortly after the birth, keepers patiently waited to see if Hermiona would engage with baby Spock, but they were forced to intervene and remove him later that evening as she had showed no interest.

Since then, Spock has been receiving around the clock care from Andrzej Miozga, who works as Head of the Small Mammals Division at the zoo.

Initially, the little pup was reluctant to drink from a bottle, so instead Andrzej and team had to drip feed him using a tiny pipette. But it wasn’t long before he learned how to drink out of a tiny saucer instead!


For now, tiny Spock is on a strictly milk-only diet and is being kept away from the public whilst he grows.

Spock is a Southern Three-banded Armadillo, one of only two species of armadillo that can fully roll up into a ball in order to defend themselves. This works well in the wild, as only jaguars, alligators and pumas are powerful enough to break through their leathery armour, keeping them safe from most predators.

Unsurprisingly, Southern Three-banded Armadillo’s are not native to Poland, and can only be found in the wild around South America – most predominately in North Eastern Brazil.

As a result of the armadillo’s natural habitat being turned into farmland, Southern Three-banded Armadillo’s have now been declared ‘Near Threatened’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Once Spock is old enough, it is expected that he will be sent to another zoo and paired with another female for breeding in order to keep this precious species from extinction.

Don’t forget to watch the video above to catch a glimpse of adorable Spock for yourself!