When animals attack 27 videos

A camera crew got more than they bargained for on their latest wildlife project.

The team went to Stupava in the Czech Republic to film a telly documentary, featuring a man who lived with two fully grown lions in his back garden.

Insisting that they’re playful animals, 53-year-old Ales Basista has lived with the massive Alex and Mijanka since they were cubs, and often joins in with their rough and tumble antics. They’re even allowed to wander freely around the house.

His neighbours have complained frequently, and dismiss the lions as ‘killers’. But Ales and his family maintain that Alex and Mijanka are not aggressive, even though they can accidentally scratch.


However, a member of the production team got the shock of his life during one day’s filming.

Lioness Mijanka was wandering around the living room when for some unknown reason she pounced on the back of the filmmaker and repeatedly sank her mighty claws into his skin.

Luckily for him, the owners were on hand immediately. He yelped in pain and fear as Ales’ family tried to wrestle the lioness away from him, a feat much easier said than done.

They finally managed to pull Mijanka off, and the man walked away with only minor flesh wounds. Despite the shock of the incident, Ales is still insistent that she was only playing.