When animals attack 27 videos

Without warning, a gaping mouth full of dagger-like teeth opens up before you. The jaws chomp downwards in a flash and the last thing you see are gums, gills and a watery stomach cavity. This is what it feels like to be ambushed and eaten by the world’s largest predatory fish.

The amazing close-quarters footage of a Great White shark attack was captured using just a remote camera towed behind a small boat.

This 4m shark had been lurking nearby when it attacked the would-be seal. Luckily the boat didn’t capsize and the only damage was to the tow-cam’s fibreglass case.

This is just one of the amazing underwater sequences captured by Charles Maxwell, a 68-year-old cameraman and diver who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Elsewhere, he filmed dozens of cape fur seals follow the boat’s path along the seabed while a pod of curious dolphins also join the ride – as well as scores of other marine life.

Watch the amazing footage above!