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Animal trainer Mark Dumas’ life changed forever after he found polar cub Agee in a Swedish zoo.

Mark, 60, and his wife Dawn, 49, took little Agee back to their home in British Columbia, Canada, with them and proceeded to raise her as their own.

At first Agee lived in the house with the couple, so they could hand rear her, but she soon got so big that Mark had to rent some land near their home in Abbotsford to use as an enclosure.

Now 16 years old and weighing a massive 60st, Agee is loving life. She enjoys a morning swim and wrestle with her adoptive dad, who trains her to appear in TV adverts, and even some films, including Alaska.

Every day the pair throw each other around, affectionately play fighting before diving into the pool for a friendly splash around. Mark also has the tremendous courage to let Agee clamp her gigantic jaws around his head in a ‘loving’ embrace. They even take selfies together!

Mark has worked with bears and other dangerous predators for over 40 years, and is confident that he understands what he’s doing.

He insists that he knows how to behave around polar bears, but it is still only their unique bond that allows him to get away with his interactions with the bear.

‘If anyone else tried this they would end up as Agee’s dinner,’ laughs Mark.