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Thanks to CCTV footage, an incredibly rare event has been caught on camera at Chester Zoo!

Zookeepers were delighted to catch the moment an endangered Rothschild’s giraffe calf was born and watched on as it took its very first wobbly steps.

The adorable female calf named Narus was born to 8-year-old mum Orla – and her entrance in the world was anything but glamorous.

Following an exhausting 4-hour labour at the end of a 15-month pregnancy baby Narus fell a whopping six feet from her mother as she was born.

Giraffe team manager Sarah Roffe explains, ‘Orla went into labour at around noon and, for a little while, we could just see two spindly legs poking out.’

‘She’s an experienced mum and a few hours later she delivered the calf safely onto soft straw as the rest of the herd, including her other young Kidepo and Millie, looked on.’


‘Although it might be quite a drop, and they may fall to the ground with a bit of a thud, it’s how giraffe calves arrive into the world and it stimulates them into taking their first breaths.’

‘That whole process, from a calf being born to it taking it’s very first steps, is an incredibly special thing to see.’

Because of the length of the pregnancy, mum Orla is unlikely to have another calf for another 16 months after delivering this fluffy bundle of joy.

Sadly Rothschild’s giraffes are one of the rarest species of giraffe in the world, with only around 1600 now left living in the wild. Numbers have dropped due to a loss of habitat and they are also hunted in their native Kenya and Uganda for their meat and hides.

Baby Narus is the second Rothchild’s giraffe to be born in the zoo in the last 6-months which is a huge boost to conservationists who are working hard to stop them from becoming extinct.

Watch the video above to see the heart-stopping moment baby Narus made her dramatic arrival into the world!