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Hold onto your hats – this might just be the most brutal battle we’ve ever seen!

Amateur photographer Kenneth Gisi he stumbled across this violent scene in the garden of his Texas home after going outside to build a new coop for his chickens. As this wasn’t the first time Kenneth had witnessed this insect battle, he knew just what to expect.

It all started when a red spider wasp, so called because they hunt spiders, unleashed a grisly attack on an unsuspecting wolf spider.

Although the wolf spider is known for its agility and speed, it was still no match for it’s deadly opponent. And to make matters worse, the red spider wasp has one of the most painful stings known to man.


Finally, after an intense struggle, the red spider wasp struck the wolf spider with its venomous stinger. But it didn’t stop there, stinging the poor spider over and over repeatedly until the prey was completely paralysed.


Then, whilst the spider was still alive the wasp dragged the helpless spider back to its den. There this cruel insect laid its eggs in the spiders belly, making the spider a living host for its offspring.

Ultimately, the parasitic lava will consume the spider from the inside out – feeding on its body until it finally breaks free as an adult wasp.

The spider wasp only ever lays a single egg, so this is the only way to give its offspring a high chance of survival.

See – nature isn’t always pretty, and it certainly isn’t always fair!

Although Kenneth filmed the action from start to finish, he was careful to keep his distance after the wasp dragged its prey back into it’s lair in Kenneth’s shed.

Watch the video above to see this gruesome battle for yourself – you really do have to see it to believe it!