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We bet you’ve never seen a pooch quite like this one before!

Meet Queen Califa – she’s a micro pit bull, a new breed promising to be the next big thing in the world of designer dogs.

Her owner, 30-year-old John Truitt, runs The Collectibulls, a company that breeds, sells and promotes this brand new breed.

Micro pit bulls currently sell for an average of $20,000 each, and have been bred to have all the same features as a normal American pit bull, but on a much smaller frame.

They both have an extreme build including a very wide chest, bulky neck and solid rear, but that’s where the similarities stop. The average American pit bull is 19-21 inches tall – where as micro pit bulls only reach heights of just 11 inches.

John is also keen to use this new breed as a way to stop people thinking of pit bulls as aggressive dogs.

‘They’re ultimate family companions. They have excellent temperaments and that’s our main reason for producing these dogs – to be friendly and break that negative stereotype that surrounds American Pit bull terriers,’ he explains.

In a bid to promote this new breed, John is always out and about with his beloved Queen Califa, walking her in busy locations and chatting about her to the public.


This has gathered Queen Califa a huge and very dedicated fan base, and John has already received many offers from fans wishing to purchase her.

He says, ‘I’ve received a number of different offers on Queen Califa. The highest so far has been £75,000.’

‘If you ask me I would say my girl is priceless and I would never sell her.’

But would he consider breeding his desirable dog in the future?

John says, ‘will I be breeding Queen Califa? To be honest I’m not 100% sure. But if I did, I would be more of a selective breeder – meaning if I bred my girl it would be with a stud that I feel has what she lacks.’

‘If I do breed her the puppies will go for a nice price. Nothing will be sold for less than $20,000.’

We expect to be seeing micro pit bulls at a park near us any day now!