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Against all odds, a pair of lovebirds have become partners for life.

Lemon and Indi both suffer from Psittacine Beak & Feather Disease. The highly contagious viral disease affects the feathers and beak, as well as affecting the immune system.

The loved-up pair live in Florida with their doting owners Fabiana and Guillermo.

Fabiana explains, ‘Lemon and Indi came to our lives three years ago and have been inseparable since then.’

‘When we got them they looked healthy and were extremely active birds.’

‘One day, we were surprised by the fact that Lemon was starting to lose her feathers without any apparent cause.’

‘We took her to the vet and tested her for Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease. In less than two months Lemon lost all her feathers and became totally naked!’


Because the disease can be fatal in birds, this inseparable pair are kept in isolation together – which has only strengthened their bond. And although Indi is yet to lose his feathers, his Lemon’s appearance certainly hasn’t put him off!

Fabiana says, ‘Indi is more active, more curious and he is totally in love with Lemon. He would do anything to protect her.’

‘If Lemon isn’t feeling good he won’t leave her side, and he won’t go far from the cage because he knows she can’t fly. Lemon starts screaming like crazy if she can’t see him!’

Due to her unusual appearance, Lemon has not only won the heart of Indi, but a whole army of fans on Instagram.

Her followers are so dedicated that some of them have even sent Lemon special knitted clothes to keep her warm through the winter months.

Despite her illness and thanks to her doting owners and partner Indi, Lemon is living a happy healthy life. Maybe love really is the best medicine after all!

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