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Nurse Taylor Williams shares her Texas home with her husband Brad and one very unusual animal duo!

Prince the prairie dog and Banksy the alsatian first met in April 2016, and have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

Despite what their name suggests, prairie dogs are not in any way related to canines and are actually a type of rodent. They were given the name prairie dogs because the nose they make sounds similar to a dog barking.

Unlike wild prairie dogs, Prince loves nothing more than snuggling up with his owners and best friend Bansky in front of the TV. He’s even been on two flights across the US with Taylor – not bad for a rodent, eh?!

Because of his energetic nature, Prince can sometimes be a little too much for ever-patient alsatian Bansky who has to put up being Prince’s non-stop energy and even the occasional nibble.

Taylor says, ‘Prince likes to pounce on Banksy’s face. They could sit there and do that for hours. And then, Prince will decide it’s nap time and snuggle in between his legs.’


‘Prince is a snuggler and we love this about him. It’s the best to just be watching TV and snuggling him or watching him snuggle Banksy. He hates the word ‘no’ and will sass back at you when you tell him no.’

‘Prince mainly annoys him by trying to snuggle near his genitals or nibbling on his toenails. Banksy will get up right away and walk away if Prince gets too much up in his business.’

‘Prince doesn’t really seem to ever get too annoyed with Banksy.’

Despite their massive difference in size, these two are firm friends for life, and Taylor couldn’t be happier with her decision to add prairie dog Prince to her animal brood.

She says, ‘They both mean the world to me. I love Prince more than I ever thought I could love a little animal.’

Watch the video above to see Prince and Banksy in action and don’t forget to follow more of Prince’s adventures on Instagram.