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These pooches are all part of a special project by photographer Tammy Swarek to help find homes for abandoned dogs.

‘One of the key things I wanted to showcase with dressing the dogs up is their personality. I really wanted to make them look like people!’


‘I wanted somebody to see that picture of that dog and have some type of connection with it that they wouldn’t ordinarily have just by seeing it shut in a cage. ‘

And her plan has certainly worked – from the minute Tammy’s pictures were released applications to adopt the shelter dogs started flooding in!

‘Some of the dogs that wouldn’t have any interest at all have had up to a dozen applications each.’


‘There was one that we photographed the other day for the story, his name was Gonzo, and we put him in a little pink and black suit. Within a day that dog was adopted. So being able to be part of that process is definitely my favorite part.’

Shelter manager Tanya Jackson was really keen for Tammy to run the project – in order to help change the way people saw rescue dogs.

‘I believe that rescue dogs are perceived that they’re not good enough sometimes, or that they’re diseased, and that they don’t fit the ‘pedigree image’ in someone’s mind.’


‘I think Tammy’s project has been an amazing asset to our shelter and to the perception of the rescue dog as it’s like from rags to riches. You see it – they’re superstars in these pictures!’

Tammy hopes that now her pictures will convince families to think about shelters when they come to getting a dog.

‘One of the many things I would like this project to change is the general perception of shelter animals. And that when a family makes a decision to adopt an animal that the shelter is their first obvious choice over going to a breeder or a pet store.’

Sounds like a paw-fectly happy ending to us!