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In early 2017, Taronga Zoo in Sydney welcomed a very special new arrival.

The Oriental small-clawed otter pup was born through emergency caesarean to mother Pia, as she was unable to give birth naturally.

Heartbreakingly, the pup was one of a litter of three but the two other pup’s did not survive.

But thankfully this one held on and after spending 10 weeks getting used to it’s surroundings in the nestbox, the youngster has finally started to explore it’s outdoor enclosure.

Zookeepers have lovingly named this new arrival Intan, which means ‘diamond’ in Indonesian – and the pup is certainly precious to mum Pia who rarely lets it out of her sight.

Oriental small-clawed otters are the smallest in the world and due to pollution and habitat loss they have sadly been classed as vulnerable on the endangered species list.

Adorable Intan is the first of his breed to be born at Taronga Zoo in more than 15 years, meaning that the keepers couldn’t be more pleased with this pup’s incredible progress!


Watch the video above to see the new pup enjoying their outdoor enclosure!