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Both of them were taken into an animal rescue centre at the end of last year, after horrendous forest fires destroyed their home and natural habitat.


As part of a programme by International Animal Rescue to increase the numbers of Orangutans in the wild, Mynah and Mata were taken on a difficult and dangerous 52-hour journey.

First, they travelled by car over treacherous terrain, before being taken on a motorised boat, and finally carried on foot deep into the rainforest.

The park is the perfect home for the orangutans, as it is far away from humans and has plenty of plant life.

Sadly, Orangutan population is decreasing rapidly, and there are now 50% less than there were 60 years ago. But by re-introducing orangutans like Myna and Mata back into the wild, experts hope that their numbers will begin to rise.


Watch the video to see just how happy the pair were to stretch their legs after their gruelling journey!