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It is fair to say that this pooch has had her fair share of bad luck.

Pitbull Melody’s heart wrenching story begins in January 2016, when she was found padlocked to a tree with a thick, heavy chain.

Having been abandoned for so long, the chain had eaten into poor Melody’s flesh and the wound was severely infected.

Thankfully, she was found and freed from the tree by NovaStar Animal Rescue.

NovaStar owner Terre Wood explains, ‘she had no shelter, no food, no water bowls in sight. She was scared.’

‘As soon as Melody realised the chain was no longer holding her to the tree, she made a beeline for my back car door which was open, jumped in, crawled up into the front seat and laid down.’


After months of rehabilitation, NovaStar found Melody a new home and loving family – but her suffering didn’t end there.

Terre explains, ‘in March of this year, Melody was shot. The rescue raised money to immediately get her into an emergency vet – the whole rescue community came together and donated money to get her treated.’

Despite miraculously surviving the shooting, which only narrowly missed her heart and lungs, Melody’s bad luck continued.

Her doting owners moved home and as a result were no longer able to keep her as a pet.

Since then, NovaStar have found Melody a temporary home in a kennel but she is in desperate need of a fur-ever home.

Terre says, ‘We are desperate to find Melody a place to go before some very hard decisions have to be made.’

‘We realise Melody needs a very special home with very special people but we are hoping that person is out there somewhere for her.’

‘Melody has lived through hell in her short three-plus years of life and she deserves so much better. She is a great dog who just needs some love and security and a safe place to go.’