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Pet lover Lousie Harris sits in her lavish Essex home with her precious pup Lola sitting on her lap wearing the biggest doggy grin.

‘She’s a true diva, very feisty, very playful,’ says Louise, ‘and at the moment very excited.’

Six-year-old Yorkshire terrier Lola recently tied the knot with Mugly, an 8-year-old Chinese crested, in an elaborate wedding for which Louise forked out a staggering £20,000!

Mugly’s owner Bev Nicholson, 48, soon arrives with the groom in tow, and the newlywed dogs are reunited.

As Lola sits on her mummy’s lap adorned in glamorous gold bows and netting, it becomes clear that this is truly an odd couple.

Mugly, rocking a police vest, is skinny and grey, with random hairs sprouting from his face. In 2005, he was even voted Britain’s ugliest dog by a national newspaper! ‘He’s unique,’ smiles Bev.

Despite his appearance, Mugly and Bev, a holistic therapist from Peterborough, proved that looks aren’t everything when they triumphed over the other pooches at Louise’s X Factor-style auditions for potential grooms.

Having had a blowout wedding day, the honeymoon is altogether more understated. ‘We spent such a huge amount on the wedding that what we’ve decided is that we’re going to keep it very intimate and low key,’ explains Louise.

So Mugly and Lola rekindle their romance by taking a long walk along the beach. Well, with such a shore thing for a marriage, where else would they go to lap each other up?!


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