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Say hello to India’s most valuable bull!

Standing at 5ft 11in tall and 14ft in length, this Murrah bull named Sultan weighs a whopping 1.5 tonnes – double the weight of a normal bull.

Sultan’s proud owner Naresh Kumar says, ‘Sultan is unique in the whole world because at such a young age he became the tallest and biggest bull.’

‘Every morning we take him for a 5km walk and we bathe him twice a day as well.’

‘We feed him 10 kg milk, 15 kg apples, 20 kg carrots, 10 kg grains and 10-12 kg of green leaves on daily basis. His daily expenses are between £30-33.’

This giant bull might be pricey to take care of – but Sultan earns his keep!

Thanks to his fame, Sultan’s precious semen is now sold in almost every single state in India with each dose costing around £4.


Naresh says, ‘the cost of one dose of Sultan’s semen is 300 rupees and from every state in India his semen is in high demand. In one year, the total sales from his semen comes to around 10 million rupees (£120,000).’

As well as chomping on plenty of fruit, veg and grains throughout the day – Sultan has developed a very surprising taste for whiskey and now enjoys a bottle every evening!

Lakhvir Singh, who takes care of Sultan says, ‘he drinks alcohol on a daily basis in the evening.’

‘His kids are also healthy but they don’t feed them with alcohol.’

‘He’s the best bull in the whole of India.’

Thanks to his impressive stature, Sultan has won many awards across India as the biggest and most expensive bull.

Naresh says, ‘he has won first prize in almost seven competitions. He has won first prize in Karnal and Hyderabad.’

‘Sultan is the unique bull in world because he is tall and super expensive.’


Watch the video above to see this whiskey-guzzling bull in action!