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Easter might have come and gone but baby chicks are absolutely adorable all year round!

So it’s no surprise that photographer and multimedia artist Mindia Midelashvili wanted to capture the egg-straordinary moment that a baby chick emerged from it’s shell.

After carefully selecting a suitable egg at her uncle’s country home, the New York based photographer waited patiently for the chick to make its big break.

From start to finish, it took 50 minutes for the tiny chick to slowly escape from its shell.

Amazingly, chicks are born with an egg tooth, which they use to chip away at the shell before slowly turning around until they manage to create an opening big enough to squeeze through.

Although all tiny chicks are born with wet feathers, it doesn’t take them for them to dry off and turn into adorable balls of fluff!

Wild chickens can lay as many as 10 to 15 eggs during breeding season, meaning that there are plenty of these cuties wandering around.

And if the thought of that wasn’t adorable enough, mother chickens are known to talk to their unborn babies whilst they’re growing – and they chirp back through their shells!

Watch the video above to watch this amazing moment for yourself – we honestly can’t think of a better way to spend a minute!

And if you loved this, head to Mindia’s website to check out more of her amazing work.