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We’ve never seen a puppy quite like MikeyGus before!

The lively German Shepherd pup was born to parents Spartacus and Temperance in Clarksville, Indiana and to begin with, he seemed just like any other infant in the litter.

It wasn’t until the local vet made a visit to the family when MikcyGus was just 10 weeks old that it first became clear that things weren’t quite right with this loveable pooch.

After noticing some abnormalities, the vet later officially diagnosed MikeyGus with dwarfism 6 weeks later.

Sadly, as the dwarfism caused MikeyGus’ growth to be stunted, he was unable to walk by the time he was 6 months old.

Thankfully his dedicated owners Amy and Heath Carkuff worked hard to help rehabilitate him until he was finally able to walk again.

Amy explains, ‘during this time, we carried him in and outdoors and bought him a walking stroller.’

‘Temperance would lie in front of MikeyGus with a toy and play tug-o-war. She never expected him to chase her, but would invent playtime suited to his needs.’


‘MikeyGus was extremely determined and eventually began walking again.’

Despite his condition, MikeyGus’ parents never gave up on him and they always take extra care when playing with their special son.

Amy says, ‘Spartacus and Temperance treat MikeyGus pretty much like they would any other dog. Temperance does tend to be a little more motherly towards MikeyGus – Spartacus is a little more indifferent!’

‘When they play and MikeyGus is playing with them they are a lot more careful.’

Although Amy and Heath are unsure what caused MikeyGus’ dwarfism, they have now made the decision to stop breeding with Temperance and Spartacus, just in case it was caused by a genetic defect.’

But for now, the family couldn’t be more thrilled to watch their determined dog live his life to the very full.

Samantha says, ‘MikeyGus has taught me a lot about determination, ambition, not giving up.’

Watch the video above to see MikeyGus in action!