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If you look closely, you might just spot something a little unusual about this cat!

Lobstah was born with a rare birth defect, meaning that his paw grew shaped like a lobster claw instead of a paw. And it was this unusual feature that caught the eye of his now owners Leda and John Bigelow when they were passing a local rescue centre.

John explains, ‘One of the volunteers noticed us looking through the window and came up and said, ‘I see you’ve noticed Lobstah’s paw!’’


‘He had the ‘cone of shame’ on because he’d just had surgery and he was trying to press his nose up against the window.’

Aside from his claw-shaped paw, Lobstah had a whole range of different medical conditions, and this may have been part of the reason why his previous owners abandoned him.

Leda explains, ‘Lobstah’s other ailments include his crooked tail. It’s not really an ailment but he was born without a sternum.’


John adds, ‘Because of the sternum the intestines were putting pressure on his lungs and he was having difficultly breathing and he’d stopped eating and going to the bathroom.’

‘They honestly thought that there was a likely chance that he would not even have survived the surgery – but here he is!’


Despite his tough start in life, Lobstah has really bounced back, and doesn’t let his ailments affect his life.

John says, ‘It’s kind of shocking, given what he’s been through how agile and strong he is and the distance he is able to leap.’

Lobstah’s unusual paw has gained him a huge fan base, and the moggie now has an astonishing 15k followers on Instagram as well as a loving home with Leda and John who have never looked back on their decision to adopt him.

Leda says, ‘he’s a very affectionate and amorous cat. He likes to kiss us on the nose.’


John adds, ‘He loves attacking your ankles when you’re walking by or your finger.’

Living with Lobstah sounds like lots of fun – we wish this adorable moggie family the best of luck!