When animals attack 27 videos

A zookeeper enjoyed a hairy first day on the job when an ill-tempered llama-alpaca hybrid mounted and chased him out of her pen.

The funny footage shows Animal Bytes TV producer Brian Barczyk volunteering for the first time at Tri-State Zoological Park in Maryland, USA.

As soon as he enters, he is immediately chased by the animal which jumps on him several times as he tries to clean out her pen – eventually forcing Brian to leap over a fence to escape.

The attack came as a shock to Brian, who said he’d been expecting a warmer welcome from the 4-year-old llama-alpaca cross.

‘Misty looked so cute, I was excited to get in her enclosure and clean up,’ says Brian. ‘I had no idea she was so upset as I had always heard that llamas were tame.

But she certainly dispelled that myth and chased me out of the pen.’