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Safari guides at Fish Eagle Lagoon, South Luangwa National Park in Zambia were shocked to spot a leopard having a ferocious fight with her daughter!

The felines were sparring over a comfy resting place in the tree, and it wasn’t long before things turned sour.

The youngest leopard used her position higher up the tree to her advantage, knocking mum, known as Malaika, off her balance and leaving her dangling perilously 8ft above ground.

After finally regaining her balance, mum Malaika gave up on the fight and climbed back down the tree to cool off.

Leopards normally have a strong bond with their young, and cubs will live with the mother until they are around 2-years-old. After this, they are deemed old enough to fend for themselves.

Wildlife experts believe that as Malaika has recently had a new litter of cubs, she wants to push her older daughter out of the territory.

But as the footage shows, her stubborn daughter isn’t going anywhere without a fight!

Watch the video above to see for yourself…