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A woman and her husband have been jumping for joy since adopting a baby Kangaroo who lives, eats and sleeps with them!

Diana and Larry Moyer adopted adorable kangaroo Jimmy when he was just 3 months old. The kangaroo-crazy couple now live in a static caravan with their bounding pet who wears nappies and human clothes.

Jimmy makes himself at home!

Jimmy makes himself at home!

Diana, a 53-year-old farmer from Wisconsin, USA, has kept kangaroos for eight years, but Jimmy is the first the pair have raised in their home. The red kangaroo, now 9 months, came from a zoo north of Wisconsin and was a gift for Diana after she was diagnosed with cancer.


‘I have cancer. Jimmy helps me by keeping my mind occupied. His love and his faithfulness are unbelievable,’ explains Diane. ‘He’s always there for me, if I’m feeling sad he knows it and he cheers me up. He’s a wonderful guy to have around. We have a very close relationship.

‘We watch TV together and we sleep together, he wakes me up every two hours to make sure I’m OK. Jimmy gives me so much love.’

Diana and Jimmy have a unique bond

Diana and Jimmy have a unique bond

Jimmy’s favourite dish is macaroni cheese which he shares a plate of with Diana each day. ‘If I leave him he gets really upset and wants me home to be with him. He loves to go for car rides with us, we spend a lot of time together. I give him a bath every other week and I try to brush him every day.’

Diana has kept kangaroos since she adopted a crippled roo with a broken tail from an auction. Red kangaroos are the world’s largest marsupial and can grow up to 1.6m tall and weigh up to 200lb. They naturally live in Australia’s deserts and grasslands where they can reach speeds of over 35mph and can jump 1.8m in a single leap.

‘I totally fell in love with kangaroos and I’ve had them ever since. Jimmy is definitely part of our family and always will be. He’s a wonderful pet because of his loyalty and his love towards me. He isn’t dangerous in any way.’

And husband Larry sees the couple’s affectionate roo as a child. ‘I think Jimmy is very wonderful. In the house he’s therapeutic for my wife but he’s also a great pet for me too, I love him. He helps Diana in many ways, he helps her through her cancer, he’s a good pet and a good friend.

‘Diana and Jimmy are together almost all the time, sleeping and eating, he likes to share food with Diana. I love him so much he’s like my child.’

Diana changes her kangaroo's nappy

Diana changes her kangaroo’s nappy

But Diana and Larry know eventually Jimmy won’t be able to spend all his time in the house. ‘He needs to be a kangaroo when he gets older, he’ll be in the house for another two years but then he’ll want to be outside,’ says Diana.

‘If people told me I shouldn’t keep kangaroos as a pet, they should really try it. Roos can give you a huge amount of love and affection. Nobody who spent time with Jimmy could think he was dangerous, he’s so gentle and loving.’