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Just when you thought you’d seen dogs pictured in every scenario and from every conceivable angle, along comes Jason Kenzie and Tania Ryan’s Underdogs project.

The pair were driving along one day, when Tania had a bright idea – to take pictures of dogs from underneath. The plan certainly gave  photographer pause for thought, and as they imagined how cute it would look to see their model mutts’ paws, noses and eyes up close, they knew they must give it a shot.

‘We started brainstorming,’ explains Tania, ‘and realised we’d need some sort of surface – so, glass – and a studio to do it in, cos neither of us had a studio, so we actually built a portable studio.’

To take the photos, Jason would lie underneath the glass surface with his camera, while Tanya would help keep the dog happy and engaged by using treats.


They decided to do a test shoot with Tania’s pet beagle, Rocky. Needless to say, Rocky was a ‘glass’ act and the photos were adorable. So the next question was how could they get more models?


The answer was to head to a doggy daycare centre where there was no shortage of volunteers willing to strut their stuff.

‘The photos we took at the doggy daycare were awesome, they were amazing, so cute, we were so pleased,’ says Tanya.

And it wasn’t just camera-hungry canines getting in on the act. The pair of pet paparrazi also captured stunning undercarriage shots of other animals, such as cats and pigs.

Naming the project Underdogs, they partnered with a rescue centre in Vancouver, Canada, and created a calendar from their unique photos. Money raised went towards the charity’s efforts on behalf of abandoned and homeless dogs.

Tania says that they had a good time doing this project, as did the animals involved, and the photos certainly seem to capture them being snap happy!